Picture of a policman wearing an anti-Covid mask
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Donald Trump, Covid Hitting Policemen: Inoculated Newsletter (28.4.2022)

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

Here at The Inoculation, we've been scraping Twitter for a bit, trying to find out if far-right politicians are more likely to be anti-vaxx (hint: they are).  While we were looking at the Netherlands, we had a hunch that the anti-vaxx politicians are more likely to be pro-Putin. We did some more scraping, and here's our podcast episode on what we found out.

Here's the latest news:


  1. Might Donald Trump convince people to get vaccinated? Find out here.
  2. Online misinformation is linked to early COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy and refusal.
  3. Deep in this story, this horrible fact: Covid-19 has been the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers in the United States.


Ivermectin studies? Too good to be true, it turns out:

Unethical studies of ivermectin for covid-19
Flawed research means we still do not know if the drug is safe or effective During disease outbreaks, it can be tempting to sacrifice the scientific rigour of research in favour of speed, given the urgency to develop new treatments. After the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in west Africa, however, a report…

⬆️ Re-up of the week:

Great overview in this tweet:

And some self-promo: The IJ4EU fund, run by the European Journalism Centre International Press Institute and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom,  now has a whole page for our project. Take a look!

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