Lab-Leak Hypothesis, Tracking Vaccine-Preventable Deaths, Inoculated Newsletter (26.05.2022)

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

📰News of the week:

  1. The lab-leak hypothesis complicated scientists' work, as COVID disinformation has threatened research—and lives, according to Scientific American.
  2. Fringe groups in Germany spreading Kremlin narratives are failing to catch on, but they underscore how the country’s extremism is changing as ideological divisions blur, Coda Story says.  (See our data investigation into the likelihood of antivaxxers being pro-Putin.)

🔬Research of the week:

Researchers at the Brown School of Public Health built a dashboard showing the number of vaccine-preventable deaths per 1 million residents for each state as well as nationally.  One finding: At least every second person who died from Covid-19 since vaccines became available might have been saved by getting the shot.

Vaccinations - Global Epidemics
VACCINATIONS Vaccines have proven to be spectacularly effective in preventing death from Covid-19, but the U.S. continues to struggle with keeping Americans up to date on vaccinations. Our Vaccine Preventable Deaths Dashboard shows that since vaccines became widely available, every second Covid-19 d…

⬆️ Re-up of the week (Older stories that deserve a read):

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Hello, friends, In May, The Markup reporters Annie Gilbertson and Jon Keegan presented Amazon with a list of nearly 100 …

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