The Inoculation Episode 2 - Countering misinformation in Slovakia

The Inoculation Episode 2 - Countering misinformation in Slovakia

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

The Inoculation's team has lately been looking into misinformation. Together with colleagues in Latvia and Estonia, we investigated misinformation in the Baltic States for a story published in Re:Baltica. In this episode of our podcast, we look at how authorities are combating health-related misinformation in Slovakia.

Jakub Goda, an experienced social media professional, joined his country's public sector to identify and counter health-related misinformation. "Governments and government institutions should use creative, digitally skilled people to communicate in the social media environment, and digital environment in general, and not to rely on old-school bureaucratic way of responding to journalists' questions," he says. "It's a kind of deeper mental transformation that needs to happen."

You can read how he infiltrated a misinformation-spreading website here. You can also read about the People's Party - Our Slovakia, mentioned in this episode, on Deutsche Welle. More information on the party's links to health misinformation is available on The Slovak Spectator.

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