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ReAwaken America, Truth Social, Twitter after Musk: Inoculated Newsletter (10.11.2022)

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

So here's what happened in the past two weeks:

📰News of the week:

  1. Part Trump rally, part religious service, and much conspiracy theory thrown in: The Guardian reports on the ReAwaken America tour.
  2. Truth Social faces two federal investigations and an uncertain financial future. But it has still managed to outpace its rivals, according to The New York Times.
  3. Twitter Limits Content-Enforcement Work as US Election Looms, Bloomberg reports ($$$).
  4. How Musk’s takeover might change Twitter: extremists could flock back to the platform under the guise of ‘free speech’ — and researchers are gearing up to study their impact, nature reports.

🎁Bonus reads of the week:

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📲Tweet of the week:

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