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Cat Memes, Making Social Media Less Viral, Inoculated Newsletter (02.12.2021)

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

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📰News of the week:

  1. Ways to make social media less viral.

2. Facebook and Google fund global misinformation, paying millions of dollars to the operators of clickbait pages.

3. The company formerly known as Facebook took down global disinformation networks, including some tied to anti-vaccine groups.

3. Those cat pictures? They might be spreading disinformation.

⬆️ Re-up of the week:

More on how to stop disinformation before it gets shared:

How to Stop Misinformation Before It Gets Shared
It’s never been easier for mistruths to go viral, and content moderation is inadequate. What social media needs is some old-fashioned friction.
Trolling for Truth on Social Media
What 1990s Internet protest movements share with today’s disinformation campaigns

🎁Bonus read of the week:

How Disinformation Corrodes Democracy
Biden’s summit must confront the scourge of false narratives.

🔬Research of the week:

Word camouflage to evade content moderation - EU DisinfoLab
By Ana Romero-Vicente, EU DisinfoLab Researcher Introduction Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have all taken additional steps to crack down on Covid-19 falsehoods, although it is proven that they are not always effective, and their AI detection system fails to remove most of the problematic…

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