Wary of Russian Aggression, the Baltics Contain Political Falsehoods but Struggle with COVID Disinfo

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

Disinformation warfare is not new to the Baltic States - and they have been boosting their preparedness since 2014 and were lauded as successful. Then why did countering COVID-19 disinformation prove challenging?

In December, Daiva and Eva spoke to Nika Aleksejeva, who is a data journalism trainer and lead researcher for the Baltics at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab. “COVID-19 disinformation is a very good lesson for us to be less naive about our capabilities,” she says.

You can read more about Latvia's disinformation actors here. You can also read our Re:Baltica article about the superspreaders of vaccine disinformation in the Baltics here. Daiva recently wrote a story about how the war in Ukraine effects people in Lithuania - you can read it here.

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