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Telegram, Zerohedge and Canadian Truckers: Inoculated Newsletter (17.2.2022)

Eva & Daiva @ The Inoculation

📰News of the week:

  1. U.S. intelligence officials said Zerohedge, a conservative financial news website, with a significant American readership is amplifying Kremlin propaganda, according to the AP. Here's our episode on how the "Russian firehose" of disinformation works.

2. U.S. accounts drive Canadian convoy protest chatter, according to Axios.

3. A deep dive on Telegram, in Logically.AI.

4. Anti-vaccination groups see a pandemic windfall, according to NBCNews.

🔬Research of the week:

The psychological drivers of misinformation belief and its resistance to correction - Nature Reviews Psychology
Misinformation is influential despite unprecedented access to high-quality, factual information. In this Review, Ecker et al. describe the cognitive, social and affective factors that drive sustained belief in misinformation, synthesize the evidence for interventions to reduce its effects and offer…

📝 Longform of the week:

Facebook Has a Superuser-Supremacy Problem
Most public activity on the platform comes from a tiny, hyperactive group of abusive users. Facebook relies on them to decide what everyone sees.

🎁Bonus watch of the week:

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